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The Importance of a Mobile Responsive Webpage

You may have heard or even experienced the need for mobile responsive websites. You may not have realized that in today’s world of ever-increasing mobile device use, it is imperative to have a responsive design website.


  1. Technology changes fast and for your business to succeed, you must be able to provide the best and easiest access to your business’ information. Nearly 20% of small businesses today don’t even have a mobile-friendly website (which just means it’s a slimmed down design of the desktop version), and that is the very least of what you need to compete with responsive design attention-grabbing websites. Responsive Design is a giant step up from mobile-friendly and means that your website will respond appropriately to the size of screen the viewer is using. With bold, simplified single-columns, and easy call to action buttons, mobile users embrace websites that have these features.
  2. The number of mobile users is staggering – and on the rise! 1.2 billion people access the web from mobile devices, 80% of all internet users have a smartphone, and over half of all website traffic is mobile. Go anywhere there are people, and you will see the majority of people with their entire attention on their phones. To reach your customers and consumers, you absolutely must have a mobile responsive website design.
  3. People use the internet differently on mobile devices as opposed to desktop. Mobile users spend more money online, with tablet users at the top of the purchasing chain. Another habit of mobile users is that they respond most often to images and short videos. Responsive Design websites highlight the bold, captivating images on your site, and have the fastest speeds for any videos you may have. Shoppers will stay longer when it’s an engaging, positive website experience.
  4. Google favors responsive design. For your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be most successful, you need to find all the ways to be ranked the highest in the Google search engine. Google has made it clear that websites with responsive designs give a better user experience and will be pushed to the top. To compete with the growing number of amazing websites, you must utilize every advantage you can!
  5. Users switch between devices. 90% of internet users switch screens when accomplishing a task. This can mean that they begin browsing shopping sites on their phone, then switch to a desktop to input credit cards and complete the transaction, or vice versa if they’re using an easy pay app. Making sure there’s a seamless transfer between screen sizes, means you’ll retain the attention of your potential customers from beginning to end.
  6. The popularity of social media means a greater desire for mobile users to stay connected throughout the day. For businesses, this improves the chance of reaching your audience through social media ads. Your website must be mobile responsive to take advantage of those opportunities and increase your conversion rates.


The days of websites viewed only on desktop computers are long gone. The time to update your business website to include and greatly improve mobile user experiences, is now. For more information on how to join the ranks of beautiful Responsive Design websites, give Visibly Connected a call 281-940-7463.

Michelle Barrett
Michelle Barrett is a social media writer, and a seeker of stories everywhere. Writing has always been her passion, and she looks forward to creating and contributing to extraordinary marketing campaigns for Visibly Connected clients.
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