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August 9, 2018
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Adequate promoting

Regardless of whether your blog posts are meant to serve e-commerce functions, share your thoughts, or just offer an infotainment platform for your readers, you should always ensure they are adequately promoted.

Some of the obvious reasons why promoting your blog posts could be beneficial include increased traffic, more business leads, and revenue from online advertisements. However, promoting a blog post is not as straightforward as it may sound.

This is especially the case when blogging is designed to serve business-oriented purposes. Several techniques can be used to accomplish successful blog post promotions. They include;

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1. Be a Valuable Resource

One of the most successful ways of promoting your blog post is to make it a valuable source of information for your readers.

The majority of readers who actively search for blog posts are most often interested in certain topics or information.

Therefore, you should endeavor to provide useful information or services that readers can use.

Business-oriented blog posts can benefit from this technique by ensuring they research the interests of their readers.

Once they have established this, using feedback systems and social media data, they can post content that fulfills these needs thus making the blog post useful to readers.

Coupling such useful bits of information with interesting content like infographics or videos makes the experience even more engaging for readers.

In addition to providing for the needs of readers, a blog post can offer related advice on other issues related to certain niches within which readers have expressed interest.

For example, after offering advice on financial management for small business, the blog post could contain a link to additional information about methods of keeping their running costs down.

Such value-addition on business-oriented blog posts makes them increasingly valuable resources to their readers thus increasing the number of visitors and subscribers.

2. Engage with your Readership

A crucial function of many successful blogs today, is the ability to interact with readers on a personal level.

Such interaction not only offers the blog owner an opportunity to get feedback about their posts, it enables them to interact with their audience and learn about possible changes or desires in content.

Engaging directly with readers is also important to creating a rapport with loyal customers, especially in business-oriented blogging environments.

While most blog posts depend on a feedback section at the bottom to connect the author with readers, some blog promotion methods depend on social media links. Such links are provided at the bottom of posts to facilitate interaction or feedback with the author on a personal basis.

These links could be Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram handles where readers can contact the author or blog owner directly.

These methods of engaging with readers makes them feel appreciated while increasing the blog post’s popularity.

Blog posts that demonstrate a high level of engagement with their readers tend to attract the attention of other potential readers.

These readers are keen to know what the big deal is with a post that has attracted thousands of comments or replies.

Therefore, when a blog post engages with its readership, it attracts the attention of other potential readers through its feedback system, thus increasing traffic.

3. Share on all Social Platforms

A common method used by many blog promotion gurus today is sharing blog posts on social media platforms.

Many social media companies have enabled this feature in order to increase their own traffic as blog posts attract traffic, which in turn increases their subscriptions and membership statistics.

Using handles, the authors of such blog posts increase connections between their readers on various social media platforms making their blog attract even more readers.

The end result among successful blog posts is millions of readers.

The social platforms do not always have to be text-based as links have been shown to work even on video and audio-based social media.

Attaching links on YouTube and SnapChat could attract the attention of those markets as well.

The social media subscription base is way bigger than those who chat and share content on Facebook and Twitter.

These subscribers usually have accounts on other platforms, such as Instagram and SnapChat, meaning the possibilities of increasing traffic by capitalizing on this social media interconnectivity are virtually endless.

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4. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a method of blog promotion that depends on the author’s ability to create attractive content outside of their own blog.

Bloggers contribute to the blogs of other owners based on the niche or function of the host blog and reach more readers. If the blog posts are interesting and engaging, the guest blogger receives increased attention to their own bog through back and external links.

This method of increasing traffic to blog posts has been successful especially in specialist niches where the authority of certain bloggers draws increased audiences.

Therefore, when a blogger chooses their host blog strategically, and creates informative and captivating blog posts, they could attract increased traffic to their own blog.

This method must be employed in a respectful manner as most of these blogging exchanges are meant to offer mutually beneficial returns to the two bloggers involved.

5. Blog Frequently

Although the main selling point of blog posts is good quality content that is both entertaining and informative, posting such posts frequently also reduces the chances of readers getting bored.

When a blog fails to offer its readers with frequent content, they become bored and could move to other platforms because the online environment generates so much content each minute. Maintaining your readers attention will depend not only on useful posts, but on such posts created regularly.

While blog posts should be created regularly, the frequency with which this happens cannot be too high.

Strike a balance between informative or entertaining blog posts and a good frequency of content creation.

Most bloggers stick to the once or twice a week rule, with which engaging blog posts are posted once or twice a week.

This tactic ensures that your blog post alerts in the respective readers’ email addresses do not become a nuisance.

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