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5 Tips for Great Logo Design

As a business owner, you’re probably already aware of the importance of having an attractive, memorable logo for your company. The tricky part is designing a visually striking logo that embodies both the spirit and the purpose of your business. Easier said than done! Here we’ve compiled a few tips for creating the perfect logo design for your company.

1) Get Help

Always, always hire a professional to design your logo for you. Amateur attempts at logo design can be spotted from a mile away. As the face of your company, it’s vital that your logo be crisp, polished, and professional. But don’t stop with getting help there—your designer will provide you with several options of logo designs. Instead of just choosing one yourself, get second opinions. Share the logo options with friends and family. Crowd source on social media to ask for opinions. Other people will spot problems, or have new ideas, that you wouldn’t have come up with. You never know how a logo might come across to someone else, and it’s important that your final logo design is appealing across all types of people to reach the widest target audience.

2) Communicate Your Company’s Personality

A good logo design needs to be both striking and informative. This is a hard balance to create. Your logo should be bold, visually appealing, and memorable. But it also needs to be practical in the sense that it actually fits with your type of company and, to a degree, communicates the purpose and personality of your business. As you consult with your logo designer, make sure you clearly explain your company’s personality (laid-back or serious, etc.) and the way that you would like for it to be represented in a logo.

3) Make Sure Your Logo Stands Out

Your logo needs to be immediately recognizable as your own. Make sure it doesn’t remind you (or anyone else, as you crowd source) of another business’s logo. Your logo needs to set you apart, and you want it to be unique enough that whenever someone sees your logo they immediately connect it with your brand, and your brand alone.


4) Choose Colors Carefully

colors in marketing

There’s much more to good logo design than just the image being pictured. Colors have subconscious psychological meanings, and must be carefully chosen to convey a specific message to a certain audience. Don’t just choose colors that you “like” or that you think look the best. You need the perfect color combination for your logo to embody the spirit and identity of your brand. Read more about the meanings of specific color choices in marketing here.

5). Keep It Simple

The key to strong logo design is simplicity. A logo should never be so complex that viewers feel the need to dwell on it and analyze it. A logo’s message should be instantaneous, delivering more of a “feeling” than a complicated message. Another advantage of simplicity is that it keeps your logo from getting outdated as design styles change. If you think your logo is too busy and has too much going on, speak with an experienced logo design consultant to see if they can help you pare it down and simplify it to create a stronger, clearer visual effect.

We wish you the best of luck on your hunt for the perfect logo design for your business!

Kati Crump
Kati is a content writer for Visibly Connected. She enjoys creating a unique voice and personality for each business that she represents, and establishing effective communication between that business and its customers.
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