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March 5, 2019
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March 26, 2019

The Art of Content Creation

Business is an ever-changing landscape. The road of building a successful company is filled with constant twists and turns, and driving steady revenue from a selection of qualified leads is difficult to put it lightly. Businesses are in a constant fight to grab and retain customer attention and ultimately convert them into a sale. But there may be a solution...

Behold! The Internet!

The greatest tool in the field of marketing of all time! Companies have the ability to use free and paid tools on the Internet to find customers, categorize them efficiently, and communicate with them on a one-on-one basis.

Beho...okay that’s a little too much declaring, but yes enter content marketing. While it is true that content marketing was alive and well before the Internet, the World Wide Web has helped accelerate this technique and now any and everyone that is connected has the opportunity to provide content and proclaim their story.

You probably already know and do this. You’ve tried over and over and nothing seems to work. So that leads us to one question:

Why is my content failing to connect with people?

Well, buckle up buttercup, because we’re going to take a hard and honest look at why your content marketing simply isn’t hitting home with customers in 2019.

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Why Your Content Is Failing

If you’re failing to reach your customer base with your content and want to improve your odds, take a look at our honest approach and critique as to why your content is failing:

  1. You’re making content for yourself and not your audience.

    You love horse racing. You’re in Kentucky every May and at the track every weekend you have off. You own or dream of owning a horse named Lucky Girl and you’ve been saying equestrian correctly since you were two years old and so you figure it’s a good time to post the 15th post in a row about horse grooming tips. The problem? You own a carpet cleaning company in downtown Houston and your audience needs help with getting their Cabernet out of the guest room Berber, not advice on the best diet tips for a horse they’ll never own. Present content that is relevant to your audience and is related to your company. Always provide value.

  2. Your content is inconsistent.

    This could have easily been number 1. Often we find ourselves starting out with the best of intentions only to have them fall apart because, for whatever reason, our goal was not truly at the top of our priorities. It can be understandable, you post once or twice a month because the focus of your business is providing customers with quality HVAC services, not a photo or PDF on tips for having a cooler home. Posting on social media, creating email campaigns, providing customers with valuable information, etc. can all help boost anyone’s business, but not if the time and care aren’t put into it as one would put into the core aspects of their business. Part of building and sustaining an audience is to simply be there and to become a noted resource to your audience. By posting infrequently, you eliminate this possibility from developing within the relationship.

  3. Let’s be honest...your content just isn’t that good.

    A tough pill to swallow for some, but if we are going to look at this through rose-colored glasses then what’s the point? Assess the content you and your team have been creating honestly and compare it to your competition. Are your reports Photoshopped and arranged in a professional manner? Do your social media pages contain spelling errors? Have we already hit the nail on the head and discovered that overall the content simply isn’t providing value and is being shoved to the side? Self-auditing is important for individuals and businesses and knowing your strengths and weaknesses will make all the difference in the world.

  4. We know the result, show us the process.

    One of the biggest misfires a business can make is constantly showing their product or service. If someone has a genuine interest or need for your product or service, providing additional information can help them see the value in your company. Showing the process and documenting what you do is not only informative but it can be fun. It’s the reason people watch cooking competitions, grown men yelling at each other while building a motorcycle, etc. Don’t overlook or undervalue the process of your business. Everyone is interesting to someone, find your niche and show the world your talents.

  5. You are an expert (insert industry title), but you need a marketer.

    Just as we mentioned how your business is always changing, marketing is no different. Algorithms change, trends reverse, and audiences move. If marketing isn’t your forte, you may want to consider the fact that the best pieces of content come from those who live and breathe marketing, whether that is someone in-house or outsourced. Find a creative who can help you maximize your content and tell your story.

Looking at your content delivery is the first step for improving your company’s content marketing strategy. Recognizing the flaws and mistakes and additionally seeing what has been successful in the past is the perfect way to plot a course to a brighter future.

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A Team to Reach Your Audience

Producing content and strategizing your company’s continuous inbound marketing strategy can be a bit daunting when broken down. When this is compiled with social media, advertisements, SEO, etc. all on top of doing your actual job, it can become downright impossible.

Considering creating more content?

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