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First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Your website often provides the first “interaction” you may have with a customer. Fresh content helps that interaction to be positive. Websites are not designed to be a static, stale documents. You need to update your website as often as changes occur in your business, which should be often. Here are four reasons why websites need fresh content to be successful.

Search Engines Love Fresh Content

First, search engine optimization (SEO) often determines the success of a website. Google and other search engines love updated content. Furthermore, updates to your website require a search engine to take a new look at your website. This increases your chances for being indexed higher in the rankings. As a result, higher rankings will drive more traffic to your website, resulting in more business for you.

fresh contentRemember: just loading fresh content will not increase your ranking. It will increase your chance of a higher ranking. Be sure your fresh content is high quality content to increase your ranking.

Fresh Content Provides More Opportunity for More Keywords

When you post fresh content on your website, you have additional opportunity to include more keywords in your content. Proper use of keywords on your website are key in securing better SEO results. Using an effective keyword strategy in your content can help search engines view your website as a valuable source of information. Posting high quality articles or blog posts geared toward specific keywords related to your business will help increase your credibility to search engines.

Fresh Content Maximizes Your Business’s Authority

Regular content updates to your website builds your brand’s credibility as a reliable authority. If all the information on your site is generic and/or outdated, you will lose the trust of your customers and of search engines as an expert in your field. However, fresh content shows your client base and search engines, alike, that it is important to you to continue to provide valuable and timely information in your field.

Fresh Content Challenges You to Keep Strategic Focus

Businesses change, as do needs of your client base. Therefore, keeping a mind toward fresh content requires you to continually evaluate the direction of your industry and the direction of your business. Knowing that fresh content is a priority, you will continue to research, revise strategy, and even ask for customer feedback on what is most useful for your clientele. This will not only help your website success but will also help your business strategy.

In conclusion, fresh content may take some time to create for your website, but it is time well spent. Keeping the needs of your client base is always beneficial for business, and the focus on clients will always serve you well.


Valerie Effinger
Valerie is a long-time social media and content writer at Visibly Connected with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which has made her fascinated (and sometimes baffled) by how people think. When not writing, she is unsuccessfully psychoanalyzing her children and laughing most every minute of her crazy life with her hubby Jeremy and hilarious kids Corinne and Grey.
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