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Here are the three stumbling blocks to realizing
the importance of a Mobile Responsive Website!

Your company has a great deal to gain from owning a mobile responsive website. Recent reports reveal that 72% of mobile phone users make purchases using their mobile phones. Furthermore, considerable amounts of tablet PC users also consistently use their tablet PC when searching for a company to do business with. If your website will not load appropriately for your potential customers, they will likely be turned off and will abandon your site before you had the chance to convince them to learn about your services. You could possibly be minimizing your chance of converting an abundance of clients which you don’t have any idea about and losing revenue. You can eliminate these lost opportunities and sales by choosing to get a mobile responsive site for your business.

1) What exactly is a Mobile Responsive Website?mobile responsive web design

Mobile-friendly website design enables mobile phone users to see your website or read through your posts, and never having to pinch the display screen. This ultimately renders a quality user experience on multiple devices… keep your visitors satisfied, increasing your site’s stickiness (lowering your bounce rate) and overall boosting your digital marketing strategies.

When a visitor browses a mobile-friendly website, they are presented with a clean and simple design layout with an easy navigation drop-down that is click friendly. It also eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling whereby a visitor must not only scroll vertically but use their fingertips to move the page into the browser view window as well as pinch zooming to get a closer look at the page content.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of the mobile responsive website. There are quite a few small business owners who are still under the impression that their website is mobile optimized simply because they can bring up their website on their smartphones… thus missing all the mobile optimization factors that a mobile version of their site would present. These business owners are far from conceptualizing true mobile responsiveness, the fact that their website can automatically adjust to fit within the browser window of any size device.

2) How important is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization regarding Mobile Responsiveness Web Design?

mobile friendly websiteGoogle recommends and encourages responsive web design. The layout makes certain that website visitors are offered a beneficial consumer experience irrespective of their device or display size and it also tends to make your overall search engine optimization technique simpler to manage. It is a proven fact that your Google search rankings will significantly improve simply by having a mobile-responsive website that loads fast. Simply put, responsive web design is the absolute best choice when it comes to your business’s mobile SEO strategy.

Since Google changed their algorithm in April 2015, they have announced that they will favor mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive websites over desktop-only websites and may modify the search rankings to display the mobile sites first.

Therefore, Google’s main objective is to give their end users the most beneficial experience possible and will penalize websites with a High Bounce Rate due to a Non-Responsive deign layout. Studies show that 40% of mobile users will abandon a result if a non-responsive website loads in their mobile browser, thus returning to the search engine query listing. This is one of the many reason all small business owners need to make their site responsive if they want to drive more potential visitors to their business online.

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3) What about Having Two Versions of a site? Presenting One to Desktop visitors and one to mobile visitors.

mobile websiteSo far, we have discussed the meaning of and best use of a mobile responsive Web design, which means that the website adjusts to the screen size dimensions of the browsing device to ensure mobile optimization. But there are web developers who try to solve this issue showing a different website layout and content to users who are on a mobile device… essentially displaying different websites variations for different devices.
Large Web Design companies like WIX offers this solution, whereby the theme of the site is mobile ready when viewed on a mobile device but does not automatically conform to fit the screen of any mobile device. They allow users to build a mobile-optimized version of their desktop site through a dedicated mobile editor.

The obvious problem with this is Search Engines like Google must now crawl two separate pages of content relevance. Based on this article published by Google, they tend to prefer responsive design simply because it’s less cumbersome for their “bot” to crawl a mobile responsive site rather than two separate websites.

Google has essentially changed the way in which it crawls the web: they now index mobile sites first, then desktop sites. This can mean massive damage to websites which have a mobile phone variation as well as a desktop computer variation, mainly because these two website variations vary from one another.

Google penalizes websites that don’t function properly on mobile devices, resulting in lower rankings in Google’s search results. In the event your website hasn’t been designed for mobile or mobile phone responsive, you are restricting the volume of site visitors to your website.

If you are thinking about hiring a company for a Mobile Responsive Website Design don’t hesitate to reach out to Visibly Connected for a FREE consultation and website SEO Audit. Give us a call today at: 281-940-7463

If you are not quite sure if your website is indeed mobile responsive you can quickly find out for FREE. Simply run our quick and easy SEO Page Audit. This tool will tell if your page is mobile responsive and if it is optimized for Search Engine Rankings.

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