3 Questions to Consider Before You Invest in Social Media Marketing
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Social media marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies. Unlike paid advertising, it’s possible to expand your visibility and create awareness about your company without the need for advertising expenses. Social media marketing should be a key element of your business’s all-around strategy.

These social networks have become more than mere websites used to share baby photographs or to view cat videos. Social media websites help attract visitors to your company’s website. They also help you discover more about your potential customers’ demographics and ways in which you need to be interacting with them. Furthermore, social media marketing enables you to instantly communicate with your potential customers and supply them with useful information they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Here’s 3 Questions to Consider Before Starting On Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign.

1.) How Does Content Quality Affect Social Engagement?

The success of your social media marketing efforts is directly proportionate to the quality of your content. Content promotion is centered on knowing your target audience and what they expect from you. For instance, if your business is in the real estate industry, you must begin your social media outreach by sharing information that relatessocial media marketing to Real Estate. You could promote this content in the form of videos, blogs, industry knowledge podcasts, state-of-the-community infographics, listing presentations, and so on. Content marketing is all about establishing authority by sharing expertise. The main mistake I see brands making is not providing value and trying to sell too early. The more effective approach is to provide valuable content your readers would benefit from. This allows you to earn their business and respect as the industry leader in your local area.

2.) Has the Effectiveness of Blogging Changed?

Due to the enormous power of social networking platforms and the number of users they now have (with Facebook being the Hulk of the industry), the way in which social users like to consume content is not the typical format of most blogs. With the advent of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, the social user engagement dynamic has leaned more toward image-based content and less toward contextual, wordy content. This does not mean that posting a link social media marketing to your blog wouldn’t get engagement on social media platforms, it merely suggests that you must give these 21st century social users content in the forms they’re most likely to be familiar with. Let them know they don’t have to click to visit your website; they can get to know what you’re all about in the environment where they’re most comfortable. This can be done by posting visual and multimedia content such as memes, quote images, infographics, and videos. Allow your audience the chance to be attracted to your brand’s imagery and story within their safe zone before they take the next step (click to your website).

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3.) Does Sharing Helpful Content on Social Media Help your SEO Rankings?

With search engine optimization and social media marketing overlapping in influence and audience engagement, most businesses need to streamline a process for implementing both if they wish to appear as the authority in their industry. Apart from Facebook, content posted on social media gets indexed in Google and other search engines. Due to the long-standing rivalry between Facebook and Google, Google still refuses to index many of Facebook’s post.social media marketing However, you can still get plenty of attention in Google’s search engine listings for twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus posts. The ranking of your social media post is determined by the amount of social engagement you have on the post both from social shares on the post page and for shares within the specific social media platform.

Creating stellar content in formats social media users prefer and posting it to all the major social media platforms could turn out to be the saving grace of your business. If you don’t have time to create this content yourself and would like to hire a Social Media Marketing agency to handle this, give us a call. We would love to conduct a FREE strategy session with you to see how we can fast track this vital aspect of your business’s marketing.

If you are thinking about hiring a company for Social Media Marketing don’t hesitate to reach out to Visibly Connected for a FREE consultation. Give us a call today at: 281-940-7463


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