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Knowing What Questions to Ask Your Website Designer

The process of website design can be a confusing one for anyone, and especially for those without website building experience. Here are the questions you most need to ask your chosen website designer to have the best experience and make sure you are completely happy with your final product.

1. Do you create logos?

If you’re in need of branding for your business and don’t currently have a logo, you’ll need to see if your designer can create one for you. With a little direction, color choice, and some idea of what your business is about, you can have a very unique and excited new brand!

2. How long do typical website design projects take?

The length of a design project will vary, but your designer should have an idea of how much time it will take to complete it once they have all items needed. Generally, the greatest delays are from waiting on content or photos needed from the client. Be sure to find out if there are any incentives for quick turn-around in providing content, or penalties for late contributions.

3. What will you need from me, the customer?

The designer will need content and photographs from you. If you are going to pay to have the design company write for you, you’ll need to provide an outline and details for exactly what content is needed for each page. You will need to decide whether you’re providing your own or professional photographs, or having the website designer purchase stock photos. Read more here about website photography advice.

4. Will I be able to edit the website content myself?

If you will be able to edit and add content, you’ll need to ask if your designer will provide training. You’ll need to know the limitations of what you can and can’t change. If you do not want to do the maintenance yourself, ask your designer what is covered in your monthly fee, as far as website editing, additions, and maintenance.

5. What exactly will my monthly fee cover, once the site is designed?

As mentioned above, you’ll need to know what your monthly will cover. If it’s domain hosting only, or if maintenance, backups, content editing, and/or SEO will be included.

6. Can design changes be added later?

You’ll need to know how many revisions are included in your initial design fee, and whether design changes can be made after the website is live.

7. Will my website be at the top of a Google search once it’s finished?

Many people believe in the old adage – “Build it and they will come”. However, it’s a little more complex than that in the world of websites and internet search engines. Your website designer should be able to help you understand what is needed to increase traffic to your website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is something many designers provide. Ask what they recommend to grow your website reach, and what the fees are for continued site optimization.

8. Do you offer any other services besides website design that I might need?

Aside from SEO, you can also ask if your designer offers other marketing options. Website traffic grows best, while working in tandem with social media and email marketing. Utilizing multiple social media platforms, along with email campaign templates, can direct consumers and clients to your website, alongside internet searches. Ask about what analytics your designer can provide, which will help you keep track of where your traffic comes from, and how to increase your conversions.

9. Do you offer training for website maintenance?

Once your website is live, you’ll most likely have updates, content and photograph additions or changes, and perhaps even periodic blogs. You’ll need to know whether you can make those changes yourself, or if the designer will be responsible for them and what the fees will be for that service.

10. Will the website be responsive on mobile and small devices?

With the vast majority of business searches done on smartphones these days, it’s very important for your website to be mobile friendly. The content and images should be able to scale perfectly to the user’s phone screen, with a quick and easy call to action buttons.

When starting your website design process, it’s important to ask many pertinent questions. Your website will be representing your business, and it’s necessary to make sure it represents your needs.

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